isn't this what you were looking for?

and I hope that this december warm front means more of the above, because if my winter can’t be pretty it might as well be fucking loud

the other day I met a man who claimed
he had recently become several aerial views
of various wrong turns
and former one way streets

and the sky was gray and everything was gray
which is what sometimes happens when buildings are covered in glass
and nothing about this was upsetting
it was all vaguely comforting
like flannel sheets or hot chocolate
or the idea that there is nothing we can do about global warming
and it all went dark by 5 o clock

and I got a note from my mom that could have made sense
it read
'electrically well-coupled cells.'
which I am sure are everywhere
like in street lights which have gone yellow
like apples after you bite into them and just leave them on the table,
or anti lock breaks, or alarm clocks that reset themselves,
or in the bodies of various people that have been struck by lightning
and bowled over by thunder

serving as a stern warning
to those of us who recklessly carry umbrellas.

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