isn't this what you were looking for?

like two ice cubes in a jam jar

he took so many amphetamines
that he had to go to bed.
he was stark naked
and buried six feet deep
in down comforters.
the next time I saw him, he was removing a ghost
from an old woman’s fingers
using his tongue.
it looked like spun cellophane
and had the air of a county fair.
they were outside of a bar
on the sidewalk
she was sitting in a wrought iron chair
and he had risen to his feet,
and was blocking the sun from his eyes
using only his hand.

he told her ghost
‘as long as I have teeth I will bite you
and when I no longer have teeth I will gum you
and I will pound at you with my fists
and knock your face in with my boots
which are heavy, and black.’
and then he did.

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