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the lone ranger and tonto arrive in grim fandango on a saturday afternoon

the lone ranger and tonto went riding off
somewhere into the united states
shouting i shall be free
like it meant something
which it did.

a year later they landed somewhere outside juarez
in a town where everybody was a skeleton
made out of bones
and tango music was played everywhere
with plenty of accordions.

the lone ranger couldn’t stay, he explained
he had to go and fix everybody’s problems.
tonto stayed behind.
he formed a loving relationship with an insurance adjuster
who didn’t find his flesh and blood unattractive.
far from it.
tonto thought he’d found his childhood dog,
and they kept it as a pet.

one night at a party
where everybody was drinking
and there was an especially good accordion player
tonto asked his lover where all the liquor went
when he drank it up.
his lover took him outside,
gently, by the arm
and told him that he loved him very much
but that this wasn’t something he should ask again.
tonto kissed the insurance adjuster on his cheekbone
and they went back to the party.

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