isn't this what you were looking for?

this is a poem about a story i am working on

the protagonist. i haven't gotten to it yet. our hero horatio. his job.
he makes ice cream
in a small office
inside a large building
belonging to a large corporation most likely in the field of telecommunications.
by hand.
for the board of directors.
he used to be an artist
he meets an art historian. she says she is only interested in the past.
he says it is funny you should say that, for all my art is there
he shows her the storm machine he is building on the roof of his apartment.
maybe he does.
he definitely shows it to the army corps of engineers.
i do not know if anything will really happen between them. but i want it
to be about that possibility
the feeling of that possibility. and the army corps of engineers

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Len said...

you have a way of making what might seem arbitrary feel quite relevant. Or perhaps vice-versa.

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