isn't this what you were looking for?

we are up on the mountain top we are preparing a dish with shellfish

sometimes you make me feel
like a stick prodding a gaping wound
in the sun
on pavement.

sometimes you make me feel like I am stretching very powerfully
and accomplishing little.

sometimes you make me think of rome
and the pigeons moving through the air
like a sea of so many marbles on the floor
and other things that have mass
and take up space.

if I am coming off as harsh,
it is because sometimes it makes me feel like I am breathing in cold air.

and if you go as patty hearst
I’ll go as stockholm syndrome.
and I won’t even tell them
that you used to have a 21 speed too,
because nobody rides mountain bikes anymore.
everyone is getting ready for the smooth ride up ahead.

we are out there on the streets they are repaving,
I am spinning my tires
I am stretching for my back
I am trying to remember where all the cuts
on my fingers came from.

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