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the problem with glaciers

he was standing at the window
vigorously shaking the orange juice
to prevent settling, when he saw the glaciers
dead ahead.
there were several of them
moving very slowly
and just out of sight.
it was later, while folding the laundry
that he realized why a t shirt was called a t shirt.
as the radio went on about desalinization
out the window, from the far end of the block,
a little boy about 9 years old was approaching the glaciers
dragging behind him a wet/dry vacuum
and a million feet of extension cord.
everything in the room started to shift
three inches to the left.
and there was a terrible sound
like when an ice cube screams
in a glass of bourbon.

1 comment:

joli said...

i like the orange juice idea.

and the t-shirt line.

i think a million is not a good hyperbolic number in this case.

and "everything in the room started to shift three inches to the left" is disorienting because the action is only beginning but the result is already quantified. do you get what im saying here.

why are the glaciers out of sight if they can be seen?

i think "terrible sound" needs to be some other kind of sound. the wheezing of ice is more colorful than that.

but bourbon is a good way to end.

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