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i felt like i was beginning to feel alright.
i went to the roof with a beer and waited for the sunset.

i started thinking about things to see if they would come true.

i thought about being buried alive
i thought about being swallowed by a whale
and living there for a small period of time
and what that would be like
i thought about a giant flood coming and everyone being drowned in it
i thought about things descending from the clouds
to take you away
you in both the communal and personal sense
i thought about how it would feel when my dad died
and i thought about comparing situations to pearl harbor more often.

i thought about global warming and its effect on polar bears
about them migrating to land sooner
on emptier stomachs
and this increasing the possibility of polar bear – human conflict.

i thought that the perfect time for an enemy attack
would be during an area-wide power outage
i thought about bringing things on home
and competitive cooking shows.

i thought about the chicken that was cooking for dinner tonight
and rapidly descended the stairs.

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