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teh chat about teh words

adam robinson made a post about a gchat we had last week in response to sam pink's question on html giant

this is that gchat.

Adam: I don't understand short short writing like yours
me: ?
Adam: I think I'm having "a spell"
me: hahah
i have no idea how to take that.
Adam: I think I'm being cynical about it.
me: ouch
Adam: Why ouch?
Not just about yours. I mean, your stuff is very good.
Its very accomplished
me: i don't know. i don't know how to take it i guess. i am confused about your feelings?
thank you
Adam: About The Form
me: AH
Adam: I don't see a lot of value to it
me: i think of it as being poetry. and that the line breaks i've used have always seemed arbitrary. so i just got rid of it
Adam: On the other hand, I don't wonder about it when it comes to joe young's stuff
HIS is more like poetry, YOURS are more like aphorisms
me: i sort of understand what you mean. (also was going to ask about joe) but that's why i write with a book in mind. viewing them as an aggregate
Adam: Yes!
Probably as a whole I think something else happens
Like in amelia grays book

[for the record i am pretty sure that adam robinson knows that he probably thinks as a whole something else happens, as he's publishing an excerpt from my full-length poetry book at some point in the winter.]

me: yeah i don't think they do a whole lot alone. some of them do.
Adam: Correct
Sometimes alone they do a lot
I think one thing that works for other ppl
Is using 3rd person
me: i'm trying to whip them more into shape. the newer ones. i'll send you some of those. and sometimes alone they do do a lot. (doo doo. HA. um. " ".) but at this point i'm not certain i understand how to sort of do it as a self contained thing. i like books as being a thing in itself, not like a collection. like an aggregation.
i may or may not start doing that
Adam: Have you thought about that
me: not seriously. or, not right now. not with the things i am working on now
but in the future yes
Adam: So you know, like I said, this isn't just about you
me: i want to write slightly longer pieces that can stand on their own as well as they can add up to a larger thing.
don't worry
i know that you don't dislike what i write
and i understand very much what you're saying.
Adam: I think its the form, with the I voice
I am glad you know

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