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starting to finalize things. planning on adding these to paragraphs somewhere, which means i need to the write some more paragraphs so that they make sense.

I was downstairs and drinking a glass of water and I was thinking. She called down the stairs to ask what I was thinking about. I thought I heard a dull thud. I made my way upstairs, where she was standing over the bed, choking the life out of me. I was then stuffed under the bed, where it seemed quite a pile was growing. I asked if I had just seen her choking the life out of me. She said No. You saw me doing no such thing she said. I asked if she was hiding anything and she said no. What about under the bed. Do not she said Look under the bed. Not under any circumstances she said. I asked what was under the bed and she said there were buckets under the bed. I asked her what was in the buckets and she told me that they were full of tears. I asked her why they were full of tears and she just looked at me. What about behind the window I said. Behind the window and across the street there were four kids standing around with sheets on their heads. They were standing perfectly still. I could hear their feet moving. I could hear their sheets rustling. I could hear the wind move through them. I could hear their breathing. I could hear it carried up to me on the arms of the wind through the open window and she heard it too and the world seemed to stop for an instant. The world became a sharp intake of breath, and it marched forward. The kids marched forward. Our bones walked out of our mouths and joined them.

I will take you to Germany. I will let you off near a church made of bones. There you will get a job and the job will be that you must clean the bones. I will leave a note in your pocket explaining that when you come home, I will have such a thing to show you as you have never seen before. Then you will fly home. I will be here. We will go to bed for it will have been exhausting. You will tell me I am exhausting. I will tell you to go to sleep. I will say Go to sleep or I will punch out all of the lights and then you will have to go to sleep because that is what you do when surrounded by total darkness. You will tell me Whatever. Whatever you want you’ll tell me. I should tell you that what I want is to be set on fire. That what I want is to wake up in the middle of a desert. To split open the sea with a two-by-four. To rise up out of mountains and bathe over you. I will pull my revolvers from their pockets and I will offer up a prayer right on into your chest and I will lay you to rest with what is left of me. I will wrap you in cloth. I will shine your bones. I will lay my weary head to rest there. That is all I want.

we're narrowing down cover options. waiting on one more artist to send us some sketches.

really excited to start edits. haven't actually looked at the book really since it was accepted in august.

have workshop with cate marvin this semester. not sure how i feel about her as a teacher. i like her as a writer. and i am pretty sure the class will help me as a writer. i am also pretty sure that some of the time it is going to frustrate me.
[update: i am going to man up and not say whiny shit like that.]

and none of us are surprised.

reading mark leidner's full length. really hope someone publishes it.

reading dara weir's selected.

waiting on lydia davis's collected. dear postal service, help a dudebro out.

also today is lauren spohrer's birthday and she is going to the opera.

i am going to meet my girlfriend for lunch as i am hungry.




bmirov said...

holy shit. I want to read Mark's book.

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