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through tonight [january 11] my mlp novella WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED MARCHING BANDS WILL FILL THE STREETS AND WE WILL NOT HEAR THEM BECAUSE WE WILL BE UPSTAIRS IN THE CLOUDS is TEN DOLLARS for a pre-order. tomorrow [january 12] it goes back to twelve. if you are into this whole savin money jam, go here to do that.

ALSO greying ghost is packaging a free pamphlet of five brand new short poems along with ALL PURCHASES and especially with all shane jones pre-orders and kristen orser books. if you haven't yet bought shane's i will unfold you with my hairy hands, you should, as it pretty much changed a lot of the ways i put words down and the things i try to do with them. also, kathryn regina's i am in the air right now is a pretty much perfect chapbook in the ways it accomplishes a unified whole and narrative cohesion and breaks yr goddam heart with how wonderful and lonely it is in balloons all the time with bears and dudes that don't know what they are talking about.

ALSO have a great day. my girlfriend bought a french press. we are drinking coffee in the mornings and it is a great idea no matter how grey of a day it is and i like that, but i also like jasper johns and his paintings sometimes look like this:


J. A. Tyler said...

is that middle image a jasper johns?

sasha fletcher said...

all the images are jasper johns. that image is called painting bitten by a man and is exactly that. i wrote about it in my frank o'hara/vladimir vladimirovich mayakovsky paper, which i think i excerpted somewhere here.


Reynard said...

i like jasper johns. jasper johns liked hart crane a lot. i don't know if i like hart crane anymore. i like the jasper johns paintings about hart crane. sometimes i feel like i want to dive off a cruise ship too. i hate cruises. i've never even been on one. if i were ever on one i would jump off into the caribbean even if we were in the north pacific. i would make it work i think. i hope someone would make paintings about me i used suicide as a literary act.

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