isn't this what you were looking for?

and brings with it the news

have you been reading rob lopez's blog? because i have not. and now i will change that because the thing about rob lopez's blog is the thing about rob lopez which is that rob lopez is a goddam national goddam treasure.

in other news there are 39 copies of my book in a box. i have got some new pants, although it is proving too hot to wear them at the moment. skyler and i are starting carnivale tonight which is a show that she has not yet watched.

i have been working on longer poems lately and it feels good. it is a stretch. soon shorter poems will be a stretch and so i will do those. then i will write some real long poems and we will see what we will see.

other things i have seen include several apartments skyler and i are not moving into as well as iron man 2 which i liked. i did. it was neat and i was captivated and mickey rourke's teeth were quite shiny. many things shone. and many things did gleam.

what can be gleaned from all this? i ate an italian ice out of a plastic cup with a pull-top top made of paper and it, the ice not the top, tasted great. aside from the bottom of it which got all sugary and weird and i do not like that so much these days, the really sugary things, they hurt my teeth, which hurt sometimes on their own, oh for all sorts of reasons.

also i have been reading really good books, like gordon lish's collected fictions, which took a bit to grow on me and now has done just that and also the two new chapbooks from octopus books both of which are great and i hope you are too.

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