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So yesterday i contacted J.A to see how many copies of the book we'd sold for pre-order. there were all but 25 accounted for around 3pm. I made a post about it on facebook and we sold 2. I told J.A.
we sold at least 2, and that I was going to see if we could sell them all. J.A. told me J. A. Tyler
to me

3:46 PM (18 hours ago)

if you sell out these last copies today on pre-orders, I will paypal you
the money for fancy beer and you can get drunk on our mlp dime.

J. A. Tyler

And so I mentioned it to Mike Young over gchat and he did a post on the Giant. I continued to update facebook and twitter and we sold the last 25 copies. When I went to bed around 1 we were down to 3. As of 7am this morning we sold out of all pre-orders. 2 weeks before it is released.

J.A. has already ordered more and will continue to do so as the public demands.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get drunk last night.

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