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i don't often post on this thing. most of the time i don't really know what to post is a big part of it i think. so i guess i am just going to write a long rambling thing about my thoughts and feelings.

things are good overall. living with skyler is great. tonight we had indian food. it was awesome. we should probably not order out much. which i mean i guess we do it between 2 and 6 times a month, which isn't that often maybe, but whatever. we [i] need to eat better. i need to exercise. because saying this in a public forum is helpful and constructive. i wish i was really really absorbed by a tv show right now. i am reading this great book called ORIENTAL TALES by margaret yourcenar right now. it is for an awesome class on linked/unified collections of poetry and fiction. so far i have mostly just liked the fiction.

part of me thinks i should submit more. mostly i guess i want everything here is ok picked up before i start putting too much of this new book out there. i am going to try to get a ruth lilly and fail. i have looked at their finalists and i do not think they will like me. i could use that prize money though.

josh bell told me the other day that awp claims this is the shittiest year for the job marker of teaching creative writing since awp started keeping track of these things which was probably 1992 or something, so whatever. speculative quantitative data can suck my dick. there is probably a better way of putting that, but hey.

i feel good about the new book. i feel really really good. there are things in there right now that might not belong, but i turn it in to workshop in a week so i'll just let the class figure that out. it's probably going to be around 50 pages. so us workshopping it may take something like 6 hours. josh bell will probably say funny things and then i will put them here on the internet and it will ruin his life.

i bought flannel sheets fr the bed when i went home for thanksgiving. also happy thanksgiving. also when i say i bought flannel sheets for the bed what i mean is that my mom bought us flannel sheets because she is rolling in that tenured faculty dough. which is still probably not enough money to fill a swimming pool. probably like a kiddie pool, like the one we had as kids with a whale head that you hooked up to the hose and it sprayed out a blowhole and this was all on the deck and i think my dad would put a tarp down and just sit in the shade with a book while my brother and i sat there shouting for an hour or hours or whatever how do you tell how time passes anyway? really. i mean it. it's hard. josh was telling me he doesn't have a watch or cell phone and so he's always really really early for stuff because he assumes that since he has no real way of keeping track of time outside his apartment where there is a clock and a computer that he will be late. so he's early. hopefully soon he'll finish his second book and someone will publish it immediately and then i can read it because i have been reading no planets strike something like once a month for almost two years now and i would just really like another book of his to read is all.

just read jason bredle's two books. i think i liked his first one better, but either way i think he's awesome and am real real excited for magic helicopter to put out his third book. i hear if you preorder it you get a free pair of glow in the dark vampire teeth until they don't have any more to give.

should probably have put more hyperlinks in this post. whatever.

friday morning me and ben mirov and eric amling are headed to north carolina to read poems out loud and get drunk. we are probably going to fart a lot in the car. eric amling's girlfriend: i am, in advance of this probably occurrence, real real sorry.

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annie hard said...


this is annie hard.

i'm really happy for all your successes! i've seen some great reviews of your book - congratulations.

all the very best of luck at columbia!

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