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current table of contents fr the thesis

my eyes have seen the dawning
let me tell you about my day
like teeth singing
short adventures with shipwrecks
but it’s alright
all hands and the cook
city living
i can see your bones from here
torch song
abide with me
it is going to be a good year
now we sit us down to eat
short adventures with rivers
after all is said and done
a report from the settlers on their progress
some accounts of travelers on legends and fables
i have got my suitcase, my starry crown
prove it
if that is what it takes
poem called ‘a grand pronouncement’
no news today
some accounts of travelers on legends and fables
this is what it has come to
throw your arms around me to the sea and back
almost killed me
i will be going away
meet me here at dawn
my mouth is full of trouble
mama don’t care if you ain’t a preacher so long as you say your prayers
trouble! o trouble!
a pile of bad news
two or three nocturnes
i apologize
the sky is falling

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