isn't this what you were looking for?

the return of things that well whatever anyway

So lots of things have happened around here I guess and while this would be the place and time to mention them I have decided to not do that at all!

I am still working on the book. It is coming along. I need to cut 2 poems and seriously reconsider 2 other poems and then there are 2 poems that I need to play with how they're ordered or they might need to get cut, even though I think they are pretty swell. In other news it's baseball season. It is difficult to find shoes that fit me right especially since I do not like stores because whatever, the internet.

Mostly though I've been watching Adventure Time. Also I've been writing poems and getting sick. I had a migraine from 9-5 yesterday. I am thinking about the future. The future is a thing that does not actually exist but I am going to go get my dvd player from my old roomate and that will be neat. Last night we watched a really awful werewolf movie but we made pretty good french bread pizza and also the Phillies won. In addition, Bats Out of Hell is awesome but could have totally lost some stories in the third quarter. But I feel like the last two stories in Captain Maximus could have gone too. But whatever.

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