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Oh man I am shitty at blogs. Like really bad. BUT I have some poems coming out soon. There will be two poems in the Black Warrior Review in the feature section. Last night I saw the Phillies play and it was great. Which was not what I was expecting, given all the injuries and lack of hitters hitting above .250. Cliff Lee came into the game with a .373 average. He left with like a .333 average. And without a win. But still. I don't know. I don't think I understand what to do on this thing anymore. I don't think I understand the internet as much? I mostly just use facebook because it is easy. But I feel like I used to be a part of this thing with the internet and blogs and we'd all comment and share poems and shit and it was awesome. Then I went to grad school, and did the internet less, and now here I am, and it's confusing I think. Mostly I should just make something up and do that. I will probably start putting the book reports I've been writing on here.

OH. YEAH. So. Me and Leigh Stein have been running this thing. Generally it's the second Tuesday of every month downstairs at Le Poisson Rouge. I spelled it right and everything. I don't know. I will try to do stuff here. Does anyone even read this still? Does anyone have any thoughts? Definitely when I get things published I will keep putting up a lot of the original drafts. I don't know if anyone else likes it, but at least I find it interesting to look at how things grow or change. Anyway. Ok. Bye internet.

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justin said...

i miss the internet from two years ago. it seems stupid now. i am glad you are going to put more original versions of your work up. i like to see how the poems change in your mind. i will keep reading this blog as long as it exists

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