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1b. 19th and Spring Garden, a few weeks ago

i was just walking down spring garden, i was, that was all that was it and then AND THEN, no, i said to him. you're doing it wrong.

well fuck you, you tell it! and he took a cigarette from me to let me know things would be ok.

so i started in: this white guy on a motorcycle with a mustache and a short sleeve dress shirt was behind this minivan with black people in it (at this point he says to me YO WHY IT GOTTA BE ABOUT RACE and then barks a laugh and looks at his feet) because sometimes it is, that's why. ANYWAY the motorcycle decided to make a right turn and that in order to do this THIS IS NOT THE STORY I WAS TELLING! is what he goes in with and i say hey, i say this happened too. this is a part of it but ok, so he went to pass but he did it by sneaking in on the right between them and the parked cars so they didn't notice when they went to make a right turn and he didn't see the signal because all he could see was into the back seats and he didn't want to look at the fucking poor black kids in there what did he care anyway when OH MAN LOOK OUT there they were, stopped in the road yelling alot.

so we found this out from a guy leaning into a fence post and just watching it all. he kept watching as we went away and he knew this whole scene from before but with different people and it was as cliched as that analogy. this is getting more about what i'm thinking, i didn't say that bit out loud.

out loud: so we walked by him and this shortish black woman comes out all wide eyed and says what is that supposed to be? and i say that's a traffic problem and she says no (she's not looking at us, she never really did otherwise i'd have known what she meant next when she goes) no i meant that (and then she looked at your white dreads). THAT, is an IN SULT. and we walked away

fuck you! he goes. i totally said 'is that racism? is that what that is?'

maybe, i said. the only part i spent alot of time remembering was the asshole in the motorcycle trying to pass a blind spot. sometimes i focus on the wrong thing.

yeah, he said, yeah maybe. and then we were in that diner inside the corner market, getting rubens and shit.

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