isn't this what you were looking for?

if self-indulgence was the same as whale fat I could light the apartment for an extended period of time.

red delicious apples.
I just wrote this on my list
with a period. for emphasis.

it is time I took steps to make sure I eat better;

today I found an old container of cream
that I kept putting off remembering to throw out

and as I squeezed it into the sink
and had to rip open the top
and pull it a little
I thought about what you said about not drinking milk.

after I turned on the garbage disposal I drank some 2%.
because it’s all about having a sense of purpose
and making tough decisions

and I want to turn our second of three floors roof into a deck
with an awning and chairs and a view.

and you know

sometimes I feel more like june carter than john cash

that we all need to make decisions
texture aside.

I am going to buy some apples tomorrow.
the wind is fucking howling
they will be delicious.


Sheila E. said...


What's Cooking? said...

red delicious are should get some honeycrisp or jonagolds instead.

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