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my love never falls
my love has extremely good balance
this is what my love is saying to me, right now.

i say so what? i say ‘I fall all the time, every day’
say ‘due to a problem with my inner ear.’

once i fell in a lake, and instead of drowning, my inner ear just said hey, come on
over and the entire body of water went in to visit with my inner ear.

my love looks at me oddly, briefly
then says i was just being cocky!
we all have inner ear problems!

i say i know. that it is ok. that i have been practicing my prat falls
& burying trampolines all up and down this city.

my love looks at me, and i look to the cars which are like trees in a still life
my love asks me how do you spell the sound of snow not falling
i draw an umbrella on the table, using ice shavings, and give my love a look.

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