isn't this what you were looking for?

we got married in a fever it was hotter than a pepper sprout

I saw a dead pigeon today
it was grey
and its legs were clutching its chest
and its wings were clutching its chest
and it looked like a cartoon dead pigeon does when it all goes stiff
but with its head back and to the left.

I looked for a pink hat
or a book depository
but these were not leads
and I was not a detective.

I have not lived near earth where churches grow
once or twice I’ve bathed in mountain water

I haven’t talked to you for periods of time
best measured by events:

dante-getting-a-wart-in-his-mouth-from-eating-his-foot-skin time

our-new-garbage-disposal-is-called-the-badger and would-you-like-to-see-it time

that-time-they-asked-why-the-price-of-corn-was-going-up-and-i-said-al-qaeda-and-no-one-laughed time

because time is just a series of events
and all of them everything

and so what if most of my dreams are about waking up?
we are all practicing for something
like a phone call
or a good nights sleep
and all of it everything.

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