isn't this what you were looking for?

somewhere without language or streets

there was a notice in the paper today:
a man was found
wandering the texas desert
in a dark double breasted suit
and baseball cap.
we could not comment as to if he preferred suspenders or belt.
he has been seen milking rusty spigots
and listening in on mailboxes.
he is more or less free to a good home.
and he has the bearing of a man
who has invested in a burial plot.

later, several german doctors
began to congregate.

they claimed once he was either fat
or had various things to hide.

he has been seen carrying a heavily annotated t.v. guide.

he said dark was the night, cold was the ground
when asked what he meant, he responded
it was like your feet were in the icebox
and all the lights in the room where turned off
and not necessarily in that order.

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