isn't this what you were looking for?

the sound thinking about a noose makes when it's not your neck

on the sidewalk:
a dead pigeon, open chested;
several empty cartons;
various things
waiting to be metaphors.

a thought:
were things more effective when we could hang people
and certain folks in authority
would just look the other way?

recently, I have gathered certain data that claims
all of this has happened before
and all of this will happen again
but the ice caps are still melting

forcing polar bears to land sooner
on emptier stomachs
thus escalating the possibility of polar bear – human conflict

would the aspca object to the hanging of polar bears
if they ate the president?

perhaps a better question:
will dinner be ready soon?

there is word it will be.

when we get to the table it is bare
and someone had thrown our collection of fiesta ware
into the street
in a box
for certain employees of the city
to take away at a pre-appointed time.

we are furious!
we feel someone has gone too far
we want justice
and someone suggests a hanging.

(who are they?
where did they come from?
who says they get a say?)
scream WAIT

but we are exhausted.
we are so exhausted we don’t even want to build a gallows
or make dinner.
we look to our phones
and wait for the chinese food place on the corner
to call us up
and offer several suggestions
about multiple things.

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