isn't this what you were looking for?

i spread my arms wide to emphasize the point i am making

later and after everyone had left the party
we thought about cleaning up but didn’t
because we were tired
also we had had a lot to drink
and were feeling what you could call frivolous
if you actually used that word on a regular basis.

in bed instead of having sex we talked
about what a great party it had been,
and how everyone seemed to have a great time,
and really enjoy themselves,
and how we hoped they had all gotten home safely,
especially john,
who had had a lot to drink,
and how we really are the type of people who know how to entertain.

it was at this point that several assumptions were shattered
when john piped up from the bathroom,
answering all questions
regarding his safe return,
and insisting that he woke up this morning on the floor of his apartment
and our country was at war, which was the same way
things had started out several years ago, or something like that
and that he wanted to know if we were still at war
and if this was what would happen every time he woke up.

we had a laugh at that and told john that he was just drunk
and had nothing to worry about,
and with that gave him a blanket and a pillow and set him up in the tub
until he was comfortable.

in our dream several soldiers were marching around carrying
planks of wood, thick ones mind you, on trays
and all kinds of things were being built off in the distance
along with elaborate fireworks displays
narrating the birth of america
which is probably in many ways related to a forest fire

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Anonymous said...

Weird, we just had a night like this. Nice spread out narrative. Made me think of Visions of Johanna?

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