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the astronauts

it was at last weeks dinner party
associated with a group called the book club
that i first saw the astronauts.

they were checking under everyone’s collars
“for expiration dates”
and everyone was either thrilled or offended
or had been drinking.
someone mentioned something
about how they’d met down at cape kennedy
and how all of their wives were gone
and now they were off searching for
but then their collar was inspected
and i never got to learn.

then jane came by and said we shouldn’t talk about these things,
that there were better things to talk about,
and that she was looking for an extra grill rack.

that night in bed, i thought about the astronauts
spending their whole lives out in space
searching for a place where they can really just be alone
or studying how long man can survive on ice cream alone
and making other such contributions to science.

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