isn't this what you were looking for?

the sort of situation where everything got hurried.

today i was reading about all these conceptual crimes
where people go into houses
and empty all the cupboards
placing all the dishes neatly on the floor or counter.
or turn the thermostat up to 90
so all the floorboards warp.

this is the sort of thing that would be easier in a vacation community.

i was thinking about life as it exists in a storage bin
but it was more the phrase than the condition.
and time seemed to move like it was being rerouted
and the other night i saw lightning hit a building
from a distance.


joli said...

ok listen dont take this the wrong way
but it seems like at this point
you are just writing journal entries
that shouldnt have the tag 'poem'
at the bottom.

this is only a thought
like the way you think about life in a storage bin
and how that's kind of how a brain is
and how things grow better with age.

but really this poem seems self-absorbed. because the things you say don't seem in any way to be catering to the fact that someone else is reading. just random inklings with nothing solid.

i'm just saying. i think i deserve to voice opinions like this after all of the praise you receive from ma mouf.

Rose said...

"i was thinking about life as it exists in a storage bin" -- GREAT LINE

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