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casper the friendly ghost

from my spot on the roof i saw three kids between four and maybe eight
taking turns spraying a dog that i want to call a bullmastiff
although i don’t know what that means
with a very strong garden hose
that they ran from the front of their house to the back.
it was very long
and held together with tape
and other garden hoses.
eventually one kid sprayed another in the face
and then they broke out the bats.

inside a documentary played the following conversation:
“john your pants are on fire”
“isn’t that marvelous?”

there is probably a word in german for this.


joli said...

remember when she was spraying the hose into the house? my heart welled up.

i think they were between 4 and 6. and the dog definitely wasn't mastiff. but that's ok. and are they called garden hoses if there isn't a garden to speak of? i think it was only a garden hose when it was leaking over the fence onto your garden.

hey the last line is really good.

joli said...

ps: are there more variations ? i want to read i - vii . so much has happened.

i'm glad i saw the skyline. i'm waiting for the storage unit building windows. and kind of the candy-striped sextuplet carriage pads but that was more banal than usual.

Anonymous said...

joili talks too much.

Anonymous said...

i'm cara vitale
blah blah blah
i think i'm so rich
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