isn't this what you were looking for?

lemon hill

people in down vests sucking hungrily
at water bottles on trains. various billboards.
not a one of them for aquariums. a cluster of four
story houses covered head to toe in aluminum siding.
i think it was supposed to be elegant.

what in the world are you trying to tell me she said.
i said i am trying to tell you about my day. about what i saw.
why i said what did you see today?
she said i saw apples blooming early on strong branches with buds
on streets people were sweeping clean
i saw well-maintained hardware stores
i saw several clean looking ponds with pretty yellow ducks in them
i saw tall buildings that weren’t too tall
i saw friendly faces and horses everywhere.

where was this? i asked.
cleveland. she said
i said you went to cleveland?
she said no. she said she saw it. on the tv.

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