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dinner for two

i want to take you to some place that we have never been. when we get there we will realize we have a very intimate and unplaceable knowledge of it. i want us to place our faces on the floorboards and they will be cold and old enough that when we fall asleep like that when we get up our faces will look like wood. we will have wooden faces. we will hold hands and do the dishes. no one will have ever done the dishes before like we will do the dishes in this place. i say “hot damn.” she says she gets the sentiment. but this is not about sentiment. this about fact. this is not science fiction i say this is science fact. ok, she says. i get it. i don’t think she does. i would chop her wooden face. with a hatchet. i would then put it back together in a way i could understand. have you talked to your brother today she says. no. not really. he seems to be okay though. mom and dad say he has really found his place. i was just asking she said. i know what she means.

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