isn't this what you were looking for?

i am an internet celebrity

ryan manning interviewed me at thunk
i have no idea why.
but i felt really important when i was answering the questions.
that was nice.
things are getting published soon.
i am apparently now treating this like a real blog.
lord knows how this'll turn out.

you the living is great. i don't care what blake butler says.



i agree it is great. i really liked it. but in comparison to 'songs from the second floor', well, it's just quite not as much to me. still a fantastic and insanely new movie.

sasha fletcher said...

what's going to happen is this.
i work four days instead of five next week.
so i am going to watch both of them
and take notes
and tell you why i feel this way, with precision, and examples.
it's less bleak
but it's lonelier
and gives you more comfort
and i guess i like that

dave montgomery said...

you only gave 2 wishes. you have one more!! what is it?????

j o l i said...

sasha quit stealing my opinions and marketing them as your own.

j o l i said...

just keeding.

you the living trumps songs from the second floor.

there's more empathy.
and sex.
and shiny objects.

come on.

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