isn't this what you were looking for?

well shit

so i got into columbia.

and also got rejected from brown, ut austin, uc san diego and also the iowa writer's workshop.

i am not afraid. i am going to wrestle the idea of debt to the ground i am going to make it eat dirt until it think dirt tastes like a piece of roasted sockeye salmon.

together we will scale mountains and conquer everything that can be conquered and then we will kill each other and eat each other and step out of each others mouths as if nothing had changed, but everything has changed.

also i have two pieces up. they are linked in the basically the collected works section.

in a day or two i will edit this post and link things i really like in the new willows wept. there are lots of things i really like in the new willows wept. did you read darby larson's octopus piece? i think about it almost every day probably.

also here are some drawings from the show i had

i was adrift.

outside the show was higher than the windows and things were circling overhead

and we all got drowned.

it is gonna rain.

i was lost once.


Cooper Renner said...

These are quite lovely. Do you post larger files at flickr?

Drew Kalbach said...


i wonder if pieces is OK to say. better than works?

i don't know how i feel either way.

sasha fletcher said...

i think it's whatever when it comes down to it

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