isn't this what you were looking for?

for columbia i had to write 1000 words or less on a book of poetry

here is one i did not use. also i gave up halfway through.

i am not going to post this one. i changed my mind.

here is, instead, what i am going to say about ryan eckes tonight

ryan eckes has a great smile. this is true. more than one person agrees with me. ryan eckes has an m.a. from temple. he went to penn state. ryan eckes made me realize writing prose poems is an important thing. writing prose poems is an important thing. if someone tells you otherwise, they have obviously never read anything written by ryan eckes. this is easy to fix. google ‘ryan eckes.’ find his blog. most of his poems are there. there’s also a link to buy his chapbook ‘when i come here.’ reading ryan eckes’ poems makes me wish, very badly, that i knew how to do that. but i don’t. and most likely never will. ryan eckes poems are grounded in a concrete reality of everyday life, of real needs and empathy, and are executed with the sort of leaps and forward rolls and hurdling ability that most people spend their entire childhoods training to achieve. i am saying that ryan eckes is like the olympics. i am going to stop this now. ryan is going to read. i am sorry ryan if this is a lot of hype. suck it up.

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ryan said...

Columbia (name) is a poetic name for America (in the sense of "European colonies in the New World") and the feminine personification of the United States of America; it has inspired the names of many persons, places, objects, institutions, and companies.

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