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so on tuesday there was my last reading before i move. my friend katie took some video and emailed said videos to me and i am going to put them up right now along with a few notes my friends took and this will tide everyone over until i move back in with my parent on tuesday while i look for a place in new york and then when i am back in with my parents i can upload the video they shot of that reading a month ago or something with ca conrad and ryan eckes.

a bunch of my friends came to the reading and everybody got drunk. at one point in a poem there was this part

Your stories are getting sadder and sadder every day she told me. I don’t believe you I told her. I got thirsty. I thought if I put my hand through the door that it would come out in or around or near the fridge. What are you doing she said. I kept moving my hand. She said Are you trying to get a beer? She went inside. There was a beer in my hand. There are lots of things not worth questioning.

and when that happened someone put a beer in my hand and that was great.
by someone i mean josh. who is a doctor. and awesome.

but so right a bunch of my friends came to the reading and a bunch of those friends that came got real drunk and two of them had been doing so for 8 hours prior to the reading, and but while they were there they made two lists which i am now going to show to you

here is this one of things that they were pretty sure i'd talk too much about

and here is this one of things that they felt they probably should have known i would talk about

i read a lot. at one point i kept getting text messages from john about how i needed to interact with the audience more. i was drunk. my leg kept vibrating. it wouldn't stop. so i read that note and then i interacted more. probably in the third video. i don't know. this is all i have got right now. i haven't really packed.
also, side note, was definitely kind of drunk by the second video
also, i just got a recording of the reading, and apparently i went on for like 43 minutes. what the fuck. lordy.

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