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not sure what to do with the book right now. need to just probably sit around and think for a while. need to go through probably and isolate images and things. in my head it's all of it blurring together. should sit down and write the dollar store piece maybe clear my head a bit. need publishers to accept my poetry manuscript. dear publishers please accept my poetry manuscript please thank you.

i went through everything here is ok and removed any and all mentions of dreams that were not part of a conversation between two people. e.g. 'i dreamed abraham lincoln told me his entire life was a series of elaborate lies' became 'Abramham Lincoln came by to tell me his entire life was a series of elaborate lies.' i am much happier with this decision. ryan and i were talking a while ago and we were talking about doing that about making everything in this book a fact about removing the mention that what is occurring is a dream so that the dreaming and the action are the same thing because dreaming is an action just like eating and also like other actions so it should be that way right yes ok done win

for dinner i am going to make chicken parm for me and my brother because it is fried and he will like that. it will be great.

i think this blog post is done.

listening to the drifters while reading gary lutz is really weird and completely awesome.

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