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the beach is nice i am getting a sort of a tan it makes me feel neat

I haven't been very good at this blog thing lately. Many things have happened. For one, I am at the beach. Up in Vermont, where I was not posting, I played lots of games that involved drinking and flinging hammers into the air. One night I had some Jager. My friend Keith bought because A it was Jager and B it came with a free tshirt and C duh. So then the other day I said KEITH I AM AT THE BEACH and Keith said SASHA I DID NOT KNOW THEY HAD BEACHES IN BROOKLYN [duh Keith] and then NO KEITH I AM AT THE BEACH IN NEW JERSEY ON THE LONG ISLAND WHICH IS ALL BEACH and then Keith said that it was a slippery slope from Jager to Jersey and he was not and is not wrong.

And so but anyway I read in New York on Tuesday and people said nice things about me. [also over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn they say more nice things about me, but the article itself is a thing I maybe have some problems with, and I do not know how much I want to talk about it, other than to say that I do think this guy seems like he genuinely cares about literature, but that he spends more time talking about himself and his opinions than he does examining or engaging with what was happening, and there's a huge preamble thing that just goes on and on, and I don't know.]

And so there have been lots of awesome write ups of the novella and I am maybe too lazy to type them all up and so here I am going to link you to the page on the site with all the reviews and things on them and hope that you maybe read them and think about buying the book or something, and in particular maybe the ones from elimae and the brooklyn rail, because ken sparling did the elimae one and he is amazing and because the one on the brooklyn rail just about. I had no idea someone would think enough of this book to write what got written. It just blew me away. Anyway.

That is all there is. On Monday we get furniture and can finally stop living out of boxes and have a real home type apartment. Everyone is excited!

Also, I am reading for s u p e r m a c h i n e on September 18. And for the La Petite Zine/Annalemma launch on October 17. Details will come. I hope you are all well.

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