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I did a reading! It starts with me reading from THE BATTLEFIELD WHERE THE MOON SAYS I LOVE YOU. The first poem I read has audience participation and you can't really hear them but if it's loud enough you sort of can. I stumble a little, then I don't. My bad dudes.

In other news, EVERYTHING HERE IS OK was a finalist for octopus again. Someday soon someone will want it and that'll be sweet too. But being a finalist is pretty sweet.

I've been waking up late. Or getting out of bed late. Sometimes these are the same things.

These poems are awesome. Ben Fama pointed them out to me. Hot damn.

I am working on a poem that starts "george washington chopped down a cherry tree because he needed some teeth but all we got is wolves and crows."

I am reading at this event in Brooklyn on Sunday. Sunday is the second game of the National League Conference Series. I am going to shower and probably reheat some fried rice assuming it has not gone bad. If it has, I will have me some Kraft Mac'n'Cheese.

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