isn't this what you were looking for?

do you guys remember when i wrote a story about the arabian sea

i did and you can read it here although maybe we have all got some thoughts on issu, which sometimes i have some thoughts on, but mostly my thoughts are about thelonious monk's alone in san francisco which who doesn't like sitting in a chair with a glass of rye or something and looking at the way the lights of the basketball courts make the trees into this yellowish green and the sky is this deep dark purple navy situation, and the moon, the fucking moon you guys, holy shit.

other thoughts include whether i am going to remember to capitalize these posts, or even use them, or what. we are all of us at a crossroads which i taped off the radio all the time because i'd always miss the first few bars. i remember once i wanted to make a mix tape and so i taped everything off the radio, and i would just wait until the song i wanted came on.

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