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the People of Greater New England are scared

But you wouldn’t know it to look at them.
They dress in tweed and elbow patches that grow with wear. They dance standing perfectly still and clasping their own hands over their cocks and cunts just in case and they stare at the ground while listening to silent music. You will see parties like this all the time. You think I am joking. But if I was lying to you, where would that get us?
At the very bottom of the realm of the People of Greater New England you can find Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It’s like a belt. If you wanted to view the People of Greater New England as a tweed jacket. Maybe a better metaphor would be something supportive. Like a jock strap or boxer briefs. Anyway.
They’ve sainted Bruce Springsteen.
There is a monument to St. The Boss in front of every factory in the belt (we’re going with the belt. We don’t need to be apt.) and there are many factories. The belt has taken the job of waste processing and management and pipe tobacco production as well as the manufacturing of various horn-rimmed glasses.

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