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when California fell into the ocean things really changed

They were changing before though, they will change again and they could even be changing right now, because that is what things do when they are not being stagnant: they change.
But California and the western seaboard fell into the ocean during the great Kennedy Reunion of Long Long Ago. The city of Los Angeles, bearing the extended Clan Kenndey, was airlifted to safety somewhere over the Nevada Dessert.
There have been reports in recent years that the city of Oakland has been seen puttering around over a lone oil station somewhere between here and there, assuming Here is in Big California and There is somewhere in Alaska. What does this have to do with the price of crude oil in Abalene? Who is that denim clad man in the shadows with a telecaster strapped to his back?
Wait and see my friends.
Wait. And. See.

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