isn't this what you were looking for?

cough cough cough

last week I saw a woman walking
reminded me of an old wallet
the sort you keep things in and forget about
could of been a violin for that matter

which is something I should pick up more often.
another thing I think about picking up but right now: the phone
but I don’t because of a past experience.

when I get back from my parents house, I am going to wash the couch cover
and watch some westerns
and phone you up so we can eat shrimp until we burst
these were your words I just put them here.

how’s that

for being evasive.

and I think that if I could shoot the butterflies I would
but the older I get the more I learn how to listen to them
and it would leave an awfully big hole in my stomach
and there are many important things in there
documents I couldn’t get copies of if I lost them.


Rose said...

If you cut the line about this being evasive, I think you really have something here.

Bill and I both thought this was one of your best poems. Kudos, Sasha.

Rose said...

Or even cut the evasive line like this:

how's that
for being evasive


How's that

for being evasive

You should experiment with spacing. That would be fun, right?

Anonymous said...

Comparing a woman to a wallet...

You disgust me!


joli said...

you are divine.

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