isn't this what you were looking for?

on the hour when the ship comes in

the other night 17th street fired wildly into itself
and shot off the lights we’d hung
to illuminate all sorts of things, and one of the lights
exploded and went off into the night like a firework
like there could have been a giant cartoon POW right there
over the city at night
which is dark and where all the stars are probably just airplanes
where sometimes the buildings look like they’re stretching
and where the other day I read about how nick drake’s face
never looked quite right with a smile on it
and someone told me about a point in life
where you can never go home again.

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Lindsay said...

there is a fur store on ridge and geraurd. i never understood how it survived in that neighborhood untill today. everyone wants a piece of the good life

a fur coat would be nice.

oh hi by the way i gots one of theese too now!!

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