isn't this what you were looking for?

cough cough cough

last week I saw a woman walking
reminded me of an old wallet
the sort you keep things in and forget about
could’ve been a violin for that matter

which is something I should pick up more often.
another thing I think about picking up but right now: the phone
but I don’t because of a past experience.

now I know better than to assume
I can sleep through the night
or that you will answer promptly,

or that sitting upright will help a migraine
but just rest your head on a cold windowpane
and think of it like a picture frame,
and the cars like so many landscapes,
and if you happen to glance my way momma
don’t like at me like I’m not coughing.

1 comment:

joli said...

sash this is very tight.

many quotable quotes.
you're gonna be a quotable quote type writer, arent you?

keep fuckin goin, boy.

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