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blizzard of '96

I had this dream
that I stood on the top of the comcast building
which is probably the tallest building in the city
and made it snow
by unrolling a giant carpet
that was 15 feet deep
and made of snow
leaving the blizzard of ‘96
looking like your little 12 year old cousin.


you once mentioned
that cornflakes had ruined your life.

I thought about this often
that winter I stitched several t shirts together
to make something like snow,
and draped plastic over the sidewalk

until certain things could run their course.


the other day I salted the walk
so that I could feel like the sort of person
who salts their walk.

and I don’t know where the snow went.
it was there, and then
it was all a river of ice
which is nice,
when it’s just something you look at.

from somewhere upstairs next door
a girl held a flashlight on me
for five minutes.

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Rose said...

these are really great, sasha. i haven't read your stuff in a while, and it's changing. I like it. I especially love the first two lines of the second bit.

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