isn't this what you were looking for?

things are different now

everyone planned on getting up with the sun
and as we stood in our bathrobes making coffee,
somehow we all knew it was a terrible day
to go to the grocery store.

before the flood,
nobody looked fondly
on the motorboat that you kept
on the street in front of your apartment.
nobody thought
to take polaroids of the glaciers
when they weren’t looking.

i have never felt as close to you
as i have these past days
sitting side by side
in lawn chairs on your roof.
turning your head to the left,
you can see two seagulls
charging head first
one at the other,
from a great distance.


joli said...

"as i have these past ________ days". i think it should be like that.

also i dont know if i like "you CAN see two seagulls". things need to be happening or not happening. not being allowed, but just being.

and if seagulls are in the air, they shouldn't be charging. if they are not in the air, it would probably be difficult and awkward to see them from the roof. it's a nice verb but i dont think it's the right time.

joli said...

ps i liked it better with the shopping carts.

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