isn't this what you were looking for?

a guide to the ghosts of lesser new england

time moved at a glacial pace.
they packed up their sorrows
and placed them in the trunk of the station wagon
because they were boring.

they stopped for coffee and
the sign outside ace hardware
advertised a need for self-improvement,
and everything was left over
from a time when everything was a metaphor.

they drove back home down route 22
where four deer lay napping on the 15th street off ramp.

when the rains came, they turned on the windshield wipers
and that was simply that.


joli said...

because they boring. ?????????

second ... section (whats the word)
i dont think it works to have so mant "a"s.... A sign, A need, A relic, A time, A metaphor. but maybe? i think you need at least one "the" (pronounced: THUH)

i dont like how "napping" is offset. i think four deer lay napping on the off ramp is just fine.

Len said...
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Len said...

I kinda liked that they were boring.
plenty are. what better to put in the trunk of the station wagon

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