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i walked down a side street and i
walked down a main street and then
several more things like that happened.

it was late and there was a park with some benches
and i wanted to sit down in it and just not do anything else
but it was too hot. it’s days like these
you think how great it would be if microwaves
had a button to chill your drink.

i wanted to walk to a funeral home because
i saw a movie with these people who were grave diggers
and they just seemed so satisfied
plus i have experience digging.
someone told me they don’t even have undertakers anymore
that they have directors.

this was in the grocery store
which was air-conditioned.
i asked them where the undertakers went
and they said they came by boat.
also they flew.

i got the sense we were talking about different things, and
in the space between intercom announcements
i assumed i heard the sound of a tidal wave.

i just kept walking and so did everyone else.
then a baby started to cry.
and another baby. and then
everyone in the store started to just howl,
to see how that made the babies feel.

or that’s what i had planned on doing, anyway.
my sweat had turned into small drops of ice
and when i walked out the doors they melted.

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