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it figures

i get up out of bed and go to the window
earlier she said to me “what’s it called
when one thing is telling of the next”

i think the words what the fuck.
the vinyl drapes are down
they are what were in the closet when i moved in
and also exactly like the ones in elementary school.

i told her she was describing being predisposed
and she told me i was wrong,
which i probably was.

i go downstairs for a glass of water
and as soon as i walk out of my bedroom door
i am convinced someone is watching me
and they are probably a ghost or a dead person
and i walk down the stairs and stay close to the wall.
i wish there was a light in the fridge, but there isn’t.
i make it upstairs without incident
and stop shaking slowly.

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joli said...

keep on truckin.

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