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take me where the cement grows

i walked down a side street and i
walked down a main street and then
several more things like that happened.

it was late and there was a park with some benches
and i wanted to sit down in it and just not do anything else
but it was too hot.

it’s days like these
you think how great it would be if microwaves
had a button to make your drinks cold.

the sun went down and i kept walking
behind me was a lot of hot air
and a car whose horn played la cucaracha

i wanted to walk to a funeral home because
i saw a movie with these people who were gravediggers
and they just seemed to satisfied.
plus i have experience digging
plus they are probably air-conditioned.

on my way home i thought i saw a man on a roof
who was sitting in a chair
getting ready to fall. there could have been
a pair of shovels by his picket fence
and a mariachi band standing in the wings
but i could have just imagined that.

i had the feeling that everything was dead and everything was buried
and it was very quiet
wherever that was.

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joli said...

i like the title.

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