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you have nothing to worry about

everything was calm and everyone was very quiet
and i remember how the floor looked before i straightened it up
and some times i think how things must have been
before air freshener came around.

out under the old dead tree is where she robbed him
and by the train tracks and in the backyard
and on the roof tops and while he was fixing some dinner
and tying his shoe and once when she had back problems
and he was tying her shoe and every time
she pulled his gun from his pants and he just kept leaving it there.

i wonder about the effect of this on his credit report
or what really effects your credit report.
i woke up and everything seemed very dark
and then it wasn’t anymore.
the next morning she asked me
what i had been dreaming about and i told her
that i didn’t remember eventually i didn’t.

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joli said...

sasha this is great.

if you change effects => affects.


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