isn't this what you were looking for?

let's bury shit and set it on fire and be fucking done with it forever until we need it again

i am working on a long poem with page breaks.
i am calling it

when i wake up
i will bury you
in a parking lot.

things that are going to happen in this poem

* i go to sleep
* i am covered in sheets. hundreds of small shitty birds carry me a great distance and drop me down a chimney into a fire.
* i wake up in a house on a river.
* there are people in this house and they all sleep in bunk beds.
* no one can swim but they can all sink and also hold their breath very well.
* they probably don't have gills.
* in the kitchen of this house there is a smaller river and in this river are fish.
* things catch on fire that do not usually catch on fire.
* somehow and at some point everyone in the house dies and i rip up all the floorboards and nail them to the bunk beds and watch as everything sinks into the ocean.
* i probably catch a train and it takes me somewhere. the train is running across the water and i have to run to catch it. this is a dream everyone in the house shares.
* before that happens i think there will be a canoe trip. possibly some sex.
* i wake up in the city and all sorts of things come out of my mouth.
* at some point i float up into the sky and i become the moon and i give you a blanket and tuck you in at night.
* something else will happen. there will be elaborate fireworks displays. and lots of burials. in all sorts of places.

tonight i am going to read an entire chapbook. a small book. i think i am just going to call them small books. little books. mini books.
i feel like tonight when i read i will make everyone in the bars balls drop. through sheer power. i am saying i feel powerful. which is nice.

there was more to this post. i wrote it while i was in the bathroom. poop was exploding out of me. it was great. great may not be the right word. i hope that you understand me.

i think i am done with sadness. in writing.

but then again i also think i don't understand how sadness is supposed to work. or that i don't properly understand sadness correctly.

also this movie looks amazing. i am really excited for it.


joli said...

i dont know if you properly don't understand sadness correctly either.

Adam J Maynard said...

aaaawight tweacle?
coca- cola nice

enjoy the sun

ryan said...


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