isn't this what you were looking for?

(503): I didnt attack him, I heard I threw a chair at him- big difference. And you know Im not a creep so whatever

(the sequel)

Shane: gchat is for interns only
12:33 PM me: i hope a fire breaks out and you have to carry every one of those fatties on your back down the stairs
one at a time
12:35 PM go write a novel. and see if you can make it, yknow, past 200 pages or something.
i hope you eat so much folded up pizza that you explode. literally explode
12:36 PM i hope the state of new york fines you for every time you feel sad
i hope you fucking miss me one day
i'm gonna go cry more
Shane: sorry, talking to new intern


DJ Berndt said...

This is getting violent. Intern wars are imminent.

Drew Kalbach said...

i like your anger. applying for intern positive w/ shane now.

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